About Us


Love Everything Equestrian

Desori Horse has as its goal the realization of handcrafted accessories designed and produced 100% in Italy for world equestrian and design lovers.
Through the experience of the “master craftsmen” who have been working materials such as wood, leather and brass for generations, we keep alive the traditions of our country.
From ancient times up to the present day these workers have contributed to making Italy what it is today: one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
Desori is inspired to create collections in the following sectors: jewelry, leather goods and home accessories from the horse: expression of beauty, elegance, tradition and spiritual strength.
Whether it’s an earring, a bag or a tray, it’s the charm of this unique animal that continuously nourishes our creativity.


DesOri Horse USA is the exclusive, authorized distributor of DesOri products in the US and operates under the parent company Exces International, LLC. Exces began importing DesOri products to the US in 2018. The company keeps offices in Wellington, Florida with a showroom for wholesale buyers and retail consumers.